Young Humanists

young humanists

If anyone would like to get involved in a new project at the British Humanist Asociation called Young Humanists then please take a look at their social media pages. If you’re interested in volunteering for the project then you can contact

At a time when the British population say religion causes more harm than good, this is an excellent chance for people to be involved in ushering in a new age of positive change. In light of new polling by the HuffingtonPost, our very own Andrew Copson comments: “This survey just confirms what we know is the common sense of people in Britain today – that whether you are religious or not has very little to do with your morality.” It’s also the case that vast swathes of the public today identify as non-religious based on the British Social Attitudes Survey. So whilst even universities and Student’s Unions seem to tacitly, and sometimes openly privilege religious student’s opinions (LSE Cartoon scandal, gender segregation, and all manner of faith initiatives), it’s up to you to make the non-religious viewpoint heard, and help our message of equality, compassion, and critical thinking make an enduring impact.

If you want to discuss further what you think you could add to the Young Humanist campaign before emailing the British Humanist Association, then feel free to get in touch with one of the committee members at AHSUCLan, or at the AHS who can support you.

– Glen (Chair)

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