Exposed: Magicians, Psychics and Frauds – The Amazing Randi

the amazing randi

We’ll be watching the documentary on the life of The Amazing Randi, and his skeptical debunking of charlatans like Yuri Gellar. Then we’ll have a quick chat about some important upcoming events and obviously, drinks and karaoke afterwards too.

This documentary was brought to my attention by Prof Richard Wiseman who also makes an appearance in it. He is also a magician / psychologist who is really worth looking into as well.

Foster Building Lecture Theatre 2 on 27.11.14, from 1700 – 1900

Event Facebook Group

The James Randi Foundation

– Glen

One thought on “Exposed: Magicians, Psychics and Frauds – The Amazing Randi

  1. The Amazing Randi is really amazing! Did you see where a TV news show finally corroborated his exposing fake faith healer john of god of Brazil years ago. That’s right. Of course it wasn’t an American show, they’re too busy pandering and shamelessly promoting this quack thru info commerical news reports from Oprah, CNN and others. But, 60 Minutes of Australia just recently aired a scathing investigative report calling his ‘healing treatment’ horrendous and barbaric. They also questioned a squirming John of God about sexual molestation charges and the millions of dollars he is making. About time and priceless.


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