Thank you to everyone that came to see Edzard Ernst : “How to Become a Pseudoscientist,”

We would like to thank everyone who came to see Edzard Ernst talk on Monday the 8th December, and most importantly we’d like to thank Edzard Ernst for doing the talk “How to Become a Pseudoscientist,” where we’re sure attendees learnt a lot more about alternative medicine and the industry in which alternative medicine is used and how Pseudoscientist’s come up with alternative medicine. The feedback was really good from twitter, facebook, and attendees who showed a lot of interest.

We would also like to extend thanks to the AHS groups of Lancaster University, and the University of Liverpool for hosting Edzard for two follow-up talks, which we hope were as fantastic as the event at UCLan. Please keep a look out for the video footage on YouTube in future.10863664_10152506726191080_420113313_n sean tweet

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