Society victory at the weekly Roper Hall quiz!

The society made a roaring start to our rolling Thursday social scheme at Roper Hall with a victory in the weekly quiz that gave us a total of £15 worth of vouchers for the establishment. There were some minor setbacks with Wi-fi difficulties on Alex’s phone before Chloe arrived and saved the day with a stable connection through which to answer questions! In future though we’ll leave Simon out of questions that refer to the solar system (Jupiter may be our largest planet but the sun is by far the biggest body!) However the team managed to race ahead in the closing round to secure a victory and our five man slot of coin-toss-guessers (Niall, Alex, Liam, Ben and megan) were able to guess their way to a £100 cash prize to split between themselves! Maybe there is someone watching them… or maybe they’re just damn lucky!

Lets hope this lucky streak is maintained!!!

– Niall Rowe (Social Secretary)


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