Tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett

Darwin Building Lecture Theatre, Thursday 19th of March 1800 – 2100.

1800 – A reading from Sir Terry’s 2013 humanist of the year acceptance speech

1830 – Film: Terry Pratchett:Shaking Hands with Death

1945 – Film: The Colour of Magic

Sausages in a bun from Cut-Me-Own-Throat-Dibbler will be available at cut-throat prices!

We will be asking for charitable donations and all proceeds will go to Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Sir Terry Pratchett was a fantastic and unique individual, talented and conscientious, as well as a beloved patron of humanism.

He leaves behind not only a wealth of literary works that many of us have enjoyed from childhood through to this present day, but also a legacy in ethical and compassionate charitable and social efforts including: supporting assisted dying, and raising awareness of Alzheimer’s disease.

This event will celebrate the life and work of Sir Terry Pratchett as we hope he would have wanted it, with humour, reflection and a feeling of only slight embuggerance.

Article on Sir Terry from the BHA –



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