Humanist Celebrant

hcLogoLast year we met our Chaplain at one of our events during Skeptics Week. He really enjoyed one of our talks, and following that we met up for coffee to see if we could sort out a Lancashire Secular Humanists Celebrant on campus. Good News! Don’t do god? Niether do we, but we still do student support and now we can provide that on campus, as well as any number of services you might never have thought of.

If you would like to meet the Humanist Celebrant on campus then please contact Andrew Clitherow at the Multifaith Centre.

If you would like a wedding celebrant, baby naming, or funeral conducting then please contact Glen Carrigan ( or look for your local celebrant here:

In a less official capacity if you don’t do ‘god’, but still need support, then AHSUCLan might be for you. Come along to one of our meetings or simply get in touch with a member if you’re going through a tough time at uni, and see what a little peer support can do. We have helped many people of faith and none, including ex-Christians and ex-Muslims, who now call our little AHSUCLan group home. We hope we can help.

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