So who are we and what are our aims?

1. To provide a friendly, supportive and inclusive service to all students on campus with activities that center around non-religious belief systems and scientific / skeptical inquiry including but not limited to: atheism – not a belief system in of itself – humanism, secularism, skepticism, agnosticism, freethinkers, rationalists, non-theists and ex-theists.

2. To provide balanced seminars, workshops, conferences, debates, lectures and other activities designed to engage students and the public in non-religious world views, science, skepticism, education, equality (including but not limited to: race, gender, sexual orientations, religion, ethnicity and nationality), free expression and other messages commensurate with the ethos of the community.

3. To engage in charity where possible in the local, national and international community with the focus on promoting equality, free expression, non-religious views and raising funds for underprivileged groups and those who wish to conduct similar events.

4. To provide a platform for the collaboration of existing organisations and developing relationships with other student societies interested in topics primarily under point 1 and 2, as well as any and all subjects that pertain to communicating important messages to the student community and wider public sphere.

5. To give local scientific, humanist, equality and human rights activists a voice, by actively engaging in world affairs and the political discourse which surrounds them, using the knowledge of subject matter experts and a reasoned debate to inform our position.

6. To raise awareness of the importance of engaging in the political debate in the UK with regards to any and all matters of policy but specifically those intrinsically linked to AHS views.

7. To responsibly use existing and emerging communications technology to communicate messages that keep with the organisations ethos.

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