AHS Cocktail Social


Saturday 25th April is set to be a punning good night! Why not come and join the AHS society for a night of music, dancing and best of all… cocktails with puns. Confess your sins over a Sin and Tonic? Talk quantum physics with a Gin Al-Khalili. Not to mention the recent restart of the Large Hadron Pina Colada. Whatever pun you can think of. Make sure to buy a £5 wristband off one of the AHS committee members and receive free entry to Macs and, of course, one of our puntastic cocktails! – Phil Ashburn.


Society victory at the weekly Roper Hall quiz!

The society made a roaring start to our rolling Thursday social scheme at Roper Hall with a victory in the weekly quiz that gave us a total of £15 worth of vouchers for the establishment. There were some minor setbacks with Wi-fi difficulties on Alex’s phone before Chloe arrived and saved the day with a stable connection through which to answer questions! In future though we’ll leave Simon out of questions that refer to the solar system (Jupiter may be our largest planet but the sun is by far the biggest body!) However the team managed to race ahead in the closing round to secure a victory and our five man slot of coin-toss-guessers (Niall, Alex, Liam, Ben and megan) were able to guess their way to a £100 cash prize to split between themselves! Maybe there is someone watching them… or maybe they’re just damn lucky!

Lets hope this lucky streak is maintained!!!

– Niall Rowe (Social Secretary)


AHS Training Nottingham

Committees #AHSUCLan
Reps from AHS societies

The AHS Training Conference convened this year in the Portland Building at the University of Nottingham. Committee members arrived, were introduced and did a bit of networking before the day’s activities began. Committee members from AHSUCLan were there, ready to learn, participate fully, and represent our members, as were the officers from many of the AHS groups nationwide.

“Fantastic day out with some really amazing people! I’d recommend this to anybody trying to start their own AHS!” – Niall Rowe

Andrew Copson: Master class in debating
Andrew Copson: Master class in debating

It was fantastic to see how everyone had something to add, from well prepared and informative workshops from AHS staff, to valuable contributions from those in attendance. The debating workshop with Andrew Copson – apparently ever the highlight of these meetings – was a spectacular display of dialectic prowess. Students engaged on many topics of interest including our very own Niall Rowe, who despite being “a bit shouty,” made his case splendidly. Role play on how to chair a meeting was particularly helpful in allowing those people who perhaps had no experience in such a capacity, to encounter the challenges involved first-hand, and hopefully gain insight from it. Creative workshops led by Cloe  Ansari, allowed people to develop some ideas for our societies, draw on past successes, and learn about past challenges that the AHS community and general public experience regarding freedom of expression and equality of belief. Each and every aspect of the conference was infused with information on how to run a, positive, inclusive, and successful student society, whilst additionally providing a golden opportunity for personal reflection and professional development.

Event management
Event management

“It was an amazing day, I learned lot from the AHS and also it’s great to spend a day with like-minded people. I highly recommend it.” – Ben Rumford

We would wholeheartedly recommend all of our members attend future events in concert with the AHS and BHA. It really can give you a perspective on how vibrant and diverse our community is – as well as the monumental efforts people within it go to in order to create positive social change amongst many other accomplishments. Our participation was thanks in part, to the AHS’s travel grant scheme, and UCLan SU’s societies grant scheme, as well as students’ personal contributions for which we are tremendously grateful. We hope everyone can join us at future events, whether you want to socially and politically engage in a variety of campaigns and causes close to your heart, or just as importantly to make friends. To find out more about who we are and what we do, please feel free to browse our websites, as well as those of the BHA and AHS, as we’re sure you’ll find something that will inspire you to get involved.

Glen Carrigan

Exposed: Magicians, Psychics and Frauds – The Amazing Randi

the amazing randi

We’ll be watching the documentary on the life of The Amazing Randi, and his skeptical debunking of charlatans like Yuri Gellar. Then we’ll have a quick chat about some important upcoming events and obviously, drinks and karaoke afterwards too.

This documentary was brought to my attention by Prof Richard Wiseman who also makes an appearance in it. He is also a magician / psychologist who is really worth looking into as well.

Foster Building Lecture Theatre 2 on 27.11.14, from 1700 – 1900

Event Facebook Group

The James Randi Foundation

– Glen

Happy Humanist Halloween Pub Crawl

halloween banner

Next week we will be having a meeting in the library at study room 7 from 6-PM (optional for non-committee) and after we will go on an almighty pub crawl starting at ships and giggles at 1900 and ending… somewhere… maybe Warehouse because their Halloween Parties always rock!

Everyone is asked to please dress up seeing as it is Halloween and extra points for those coming in science themed costumes or donning their fabulous colander hats!!!

Join the Facebook Event to chat to everyone ahead of time and we’ll see you guys there. Please feel free to bring as many friends as you want and if you have any fancy dress ideas then post them up!!!

Yolo Swaggins And The Fellowship Of Da Bling

AHSUCLan Tweet 3

Thanks to everyone who came out last night, and congratulations to the super geeks who won the quiz with the team name: Yolo Swaggins And The Lord of Da Bling. We wish to point out the none of our members believe that Middle Earth actually exists… well some of us might. As ever our group of heathens, feminists, philosophers, philanthropists and more, rounded off the night with a few good debates, a bit of singing, and free food and drink.

AHSUCLan Tweet 2

AHSUCLan Tweet 110641103_10152788629653609_8720011545747525045_n

Singing Skeptics

Helen Arney: A true Singing Skeptic who came to Lancashire Science Festival at UCLan this year!
Helen Arney: A true Singing Skeptic who came to Lancashire Science Festival at UCLan this year!

Our next social, as discussed, will be the “Singing Skeptics” Thursday 02.10.14 at Roper Hall. Try to arrive at Roper around 8pm and we’ll get singing away as soon as the karaoke starts! If anyone is unsure how to get to Roper then have a look here or meet up and walk to the venue with your fellow helpful humanists who know where it is.

Again, thanks to everyone who came along to “Atheaholics Anonymous” and what a turn out it was! We all appreciate the support you have shown us, and we were glad to see how enthusiastic everyone was, as well as how many creative ideas you all had.

The minutes from our meeting will be uploaded on social media and we’ll get started straight away developing this wonderful new community with our new team for us all to enjoy. Remember, it’s your community, and so we welcome all of your ideas for future events and speakers, and hope that you play a central part in bringing your creative vision to fruition. We’d also particularly like to hear from anyone who writes related content on AHS issues so we can promote your views, so get scribbling!

Atheaholics Anonymous

Fundamentalist atheist

Dear Member:

Thank you for showing an interest in our society. We really appreciate the time you took to speak to us and hope you will enjoy being part of our community here at UCLan. We will be having our first event this Wednesday 24.09.14 at 7pm entitled “Atheaholics Anonymous” where we will all be able to get to know each other better. Please meet us outside the Student’s Union.


Please take the time to look at our Facebook PageFacebook GroupTwitter Feed, and Website. Also, why not check out Project Science and Reason to see some of our past events.

Thanks again, and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

Kind Regards,

Glen (Chair)