AHS Cocktail Social


Saturday 25th April is set to be a punning good night! Why not come and join the AHS society for a night of music, dancing and best of all… cocktails with puns. Confess your sins over a Sin and Tonic? Talk quantum physics with a Gin Al-Khalili. Not to mention the recent restart of the Large Hadron Pina Colada. Whatever pun you can think of. Make sure to buy a £5 wristband off one of the AHS committee members and receive free entry to Macs and, of course, one of our puntastic cocktails! – Phil Ashburn.



Sheffield Freethought Convention

We have been invited to attend the Sheffield Freethought Convention, 27th February to 1st of March. So why not toddle on over to meet some more happy humanists, discuss some interesting issues, and make some friends. Further details can be found on the conference website.

Travel as usual will be first come first served in the hire car and petrol costs etc will be split evenly, or if we have enough interest we’ll make use of the SU’s minibus. Also, feel free to use your own vehicles or take the train. Accommodation can either be booked individually or as a group in a similar manner to the arrangements made for the conference we attended in Nottingham. Please let the society chair know if you intend on coming along.

Written by Glen


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Yolo Swaggins And The Fellowship Of Da Bling

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Thanks to everyone who came out last night, and congratulations to the super geeks who won the quiz with the team name: Yolo Swaggins And The Lord of Da Bling. We wish to point out the none of our members believe that Middle Earth actually exists… well some of us might. As ever our group of heathens, feminists, philosophers, philanthropists and more, rounded off the night with a few good debates, a bit of singing, and free food and drink.

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MIDAS Mini Bus Training

busHi all,

We have two dates available for students to take Midas Mini Bus Training. I would encourage you to think about your activity for the next year and see if this will be of benefit. We have 8 places on the 20th October and 10th November. The theory side of the training will take place at 10.30am-12 Noon we will let people know which room when they book, the practical will take place in the afternoon 1-5pm.

Anyone wanting to take the test must be over 2o years of age and have held a UK driving license for two years. Once you’ve passed this certificate last’s for four years.

To book the training see a member of staff in the Opportunities Centre. Mini buses and transport can be booked from su opportunities Centre also.


Best wishes,

SU Opportunites: SUOpportunities@uclan.ac.uk

Singing Skeptics

Helen Arney: A true Singing Skeptic who came to Lancashire Science Festival at UCLan this year!
Helen Arney: A true Singing Skeptic who came to Lancashire Science Festival at UCLan this year!

Our next social, as discussed, will be the “Singing Skeptics” Thursday 02.10.14 at Roper Hall. Try to arrive at Roper around 8pm and we’ll get singing away as soon as the karaoke starts! If anyone is unsure how to get to Roper then have a look here or meet up and walk to the venue with your fellow helpful humanists who know where it is.

Again, thanks to everyone who came along to “Atheaholics Anonymous” and what a turn out it was! We all appreciate the support you have shown us, and we were glad to see how enthusiastic everyone was, as well as how many creative ideas you all had.

The minutes from our meeting will be uploaded on social media and we’ll get started straight away developing this wonderful new community with our new team for us all to enjoy. Remember, it’s your community, and so we welcome all of your ideas for future events and speakers, and hope that you play a central part in bringing your creative vision to fruition. We’d also particularly like to hear from anyone who writes related content on AHS issues so we can promote your views, so get scribbling!