Semester 1 AHSUCLan Events

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Atheaholics Anonymous

Atheaholics Anonymous. 18th September, 6:00pm, Greenbank Lecture Theatre then the SU Source Bar. Come and meet everyone at AHSUCLan, whether yours is an Atheist Ale, Humanist Hops, Secular Spirits, Reasonable Rum or Coke everyone is welcome. We’ll be voting in some new committee members and outlining what’s happening this year, as well as most importantly helping you guys to realise your ideas – Join Facebook Event.

The Unbelievers

The Unbelievers with Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss. 24th September, 6:00pm, Greenbank Lecture Theatre, UCLan, Preston. FREE – Join Facebook Event.

God and the Bible

CFI UK Conference – God, Religion, and the Bible, with Francesca Stavrakopoulou, Keith Ward, and Stephen Law. 19th September, 10:30am – 3:00pm, Conway Hall, London. Purchase own ticket and travel – Join Facebook Event.


Festival of the Spoken Nerd – Just For Graphs. 25th October at 8:00pm, The Lowry, Salford Quays. Purchase own ticket (£18), leaving from outside the SU – Join Facebook Event. Helen Arney has even kindly agreed to let us publicise the society at this event!

Richard Dawkins AHSUCLan

Richard Dawkins. 26th October at 8:00pm, The Lowry,  Salford Quays. Purchase own ticket (£16), Sean is driving, leaving from outside the SU at 6:00pm – Join Facebook Event.

Tehmina Kazi Image

Tehmina Kazi – Secular Muslims: The Importance of Building Inclusive Religious Spaces. 16th November, 6:00pm, Greenbank Lecture Theatre, UCLan. FREE for members, £3 for non-members to cover speaker’s travel cost. – Join Facebook Event.

More to come soon!


Skeptics Week

Skeptics Week Banner
AHSUCLan are hosting Skeptics Week at The University of Central Lancashire! All day everyday we’ll be in the Students’ Union, raising money for Alzheimer’s Research UK and raising awareness of our fantastic events. Come and find us!
Monday 13th: Glen Carrigan – Debating Workshop and Fishbowl Conversation, SU Atrium at 1800 – 2000.
Tuesday 14th: James Smith – Green Chemistry, Greenbank Lecture Theatre, 1830 – 2000.
Wednesday 15th: Emma Lowrie – The Psychological Benefits of Belief, Greenbank Lecture Theatre, 1830 – 2000.
Mel Barker – The Dangers of Homoeopathy, Greenbank Lecture Theatre, 1830 – 2000.
Thursday 16th: Rant Night and Singing Skeptics (Karaoke), Roper Hall, 2000 – Late.
Friday 17th: Chris Moos – “From Jesus & Mo to Charlie Hebdo: Being a secularist in the face of the religious far-Right and the pro-religious Left.” Greenbank Lecture Theatre, 1830 – 2000. FREE for AHS members and regional AHS/BHA/Skeptics groups, £3 for non-members.
Saturday 18th: Amal Farah – “How Blasphemy and Apostasy Laws are Used to Silence Dissent in Islam.” Greenbank Lecture Theatre, 1530 – 1630. FREE for AHS members and regional AHS/BHA/Skeptics groups, £3 for non-members.
Saturday 18th: CHARITY WAXING in Source Bar! Bring the pain to our committee members … for a good cause
Sunday 19th: Atheists in Foxholes – Airsoft, Meet at the Students’ Union, email or CLICK HERE for details.

Voice of Young Science

VoYSFor any scientific skeptics out there who, like to debunk myths surrounding science with evidence! The folks at Voice of Young Science have been back in touch with the following. We’re always looking for enthusiastic and principled people at Sense About Science – as is science as a discipline in general – and your expertise in particular areas really can help us in our myth busting mission. Please take advantage of this fantastic opportunity if you want to engage in scientific activism.

– Glen

Dear VoYS Member

Detox has been in the news again – thanks to VoYS members’ work on this in 2009. In fact, VoYS member Harriet was quoted in the Daily Mail yesterday (19th January) thanks to her involvement in a 2009 campaign! Do get in touch if you see a misconception or claim not backed by evidence – any of your suggestions could start the next mythbusting campaign.

Manchester workshop
We’re headed to Manchester to run another Standing up for Science media workshop on Friday 27th March at the University of Manchester. The workshop is for early career researchers and scientists in all sciences, engineering and medicine. Apply now – see the flyer for further information, or share with friends and colleagues.

Cochrane student competition
The next Cochrane UK & Ireland Symposium is going to be held in Dublin on 23rd & 24th April the theme is ‘advocating for evidence’. As part of their symposium they are running a competition to produce a press pack. The winners will receive symposium registration, Amazon tokens and the winning entries will be published on the Students 4 Best Evidence blog. Deadline: 16th February.

Do keep in touch in 2015! Follow us on Twitter, or find us on Facebook.



Dara O’Briain at The Guild Hall Preston

Dara O'Briain. Credit; Guild Preston
Dara O’Briain. Credit; Guild Preston

“Dara is one of the most recognisable faces on British TV, as host of the hugely successful Mock The Week, The Apprentice You’re Fired and Star Gazing Live. Not forgetting his most recent shows Dara O Briain: School of Hard Sums for Dave and Dara O Briain’s Science Club for BBC2. Catch one of the most charismatic, intelligent, fast-talking and downright funny live performers working today. ” – The Guild

The gig is on the 3rd of March at the Guild Hall Preston at 2000, and tickets are £23. I plan on getting as many as I can as a group booking and getting a discount from the Guild Hall if there are enough of us.

You might not know that Dara is also a supporter of Sense About Science, a campaign highlighting the importance of evidence in society. Find out more about this campaign, and get involved, as well as others on the campaigns page.

– Glen

Ask For Evidence

Join us at Sense about Science
Join us at Sense about Science

Ask for Evidence is now live at Sense About Science. Some of our supporters include Dara O’Brien, Prof Anne Glover, and Derren Brown (who would probably also asks you to question such ‘celebrity’ endorsements!). This service allows you to ask experts for evidence, and essentially how to understand that evidence, on subjects as diverse as neuroscience and your 5 a day.

Check it out, and if you have expertise to share with us then why not join Sense About Science or for the students out there The Voice of Young Science or Students 4 Best Evidence.

Ask for Evidence

– Glen

Science and Religion with Dr Andrew J Pyle with drinks afterwards

14th of November, doors open 1730, talk starts 1800, Greenbank Lecture Theatre. Join the Facebook Event, ourAndrew Pyle Poster SU Group and like us on Facebook and Twitter.

Andrew is the author of ‘Locke’ and a Reader in Early Modern Philosophy at Bristol University.

“Since the late nineteenth century, the supposed “warfare” between science and religion has been a popular theme, drawing endorsements from Thomas Huxley down to Richard Dawkins. Opponents of the conflict thesis have tended to champion thesis of an essentially harmonious relation between the claims of science and those of religion. There is, of course, a third possibility, that of “separate spheres” or “non-overlapping magisteria”, as argued by Stephen Jay Gould in his Rocks of Ages. In this talk I address the question both from the point of view of a historian of science and from that of a philosopher, and re-assess the strength of the evidence for the three rival views, conflict, harmony, and separate spheres.” – Dr Andrew J Pyle

Students 4 Best Evidence

S4BES4BE Wiki Week

Join Students 4 Best Evidence (S4BE) and help update health evidence on Wikipedia!

S4BE are planning an exciting week (15th-19th September) of blogs, resources and tutorials, culminating in a LIVE Wiki Editathon, online and at the UK Cochrane Centre on the 16th September.

Cochrane has recently joined forces with Wikipedia in a partnership to get more Cochrane health evidence on Wikipedia. To celebrate this, S4BE want to get students involved in this partnership as they know Wikipedia is a key student resource.


Throughout Wiki Week, S4BE will be publishing blogs on:


Join us at Sense about Science
Join us at Sense about Science

*   Why students are interested in Wikipedia

*   How to become active on Wikipedia

*   What is WikiProjectMed

*   How to edit Wikipedia

*   Cochrane and Wikipedia partnership

*   and much more!

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